Internal reporting channel

Ricardo Bofill Taller de Arquitectura

The Company has made available to employees, clients, and suppliers an internal reporting channel to make the Company aware of any unethical behavior (further information in the document Quality and Environmental Policy).

Any communication may be addressed in writing to the person

to the Company’s postal address: Av. Industria nº 14, 08960 Sant Just Desvern, or by e-mail to:

In compliance with current law, communications can be submitted via an external channel to

Catalonia’s Anti-fraud Office.
More information on

REPORTING shall include a clear, complete, and detailed presentation of facts and circumstances, the identity (if known) of the alleged infringer, the date or timeframe in which the facts occurred, a list of documents or the production of other evidence for the purpose of determining facts and identity of the witnesses. Contact information of the complainer would be required if he/she wished to receive information on the evolution of the inquiry.

Reports will be managed by the person Responsible for the Internal Reporting Channel, who shall register the communication and assign a follow-up code. If the complainer has provided his/her contact information he/she will receive the follow-up code within 7 calendar days after the complaint submittal.

The person Responsible for the Internal Reporting Channel shall investigate the communicated facts, prescribe the measures of inquiry, and prepare a conclusions report of a general nature, which shall be communicated to the person submitting the communication within three months after the opening of the file.

The Internal Reporting Channel, operates on principles of confidentiality, concerning the presumption of innocence and protection towards the persons involved in the facts.

Personal data to which the person Responsible for the Internal Reporting Channel has access shall be treated exclusively for the inquiry, and in no case might be shared or transferred to third parties, unless there is a legal obligation (more information on Privacy Policy)