Ricardo Bofill turns 80


Last week, Ricardo Bofill turned 80.

Many would expect this time to be the perfect occasion to look back, see on what ground one stands, or what has been achieved. Well, this is not the case here, and at RBTA we’re well aware of it by now. Ricardo Bofill keeps his eyes on the decades to come, exploring new ways to interpret the relationship between humans and the built environment.

From the early vernacular projects to the ground-breaking classical take on dominant modernism, Ricardo sought to find a place for community in a fast-changing world. Then, reconsidering the nexus between form and function, he focused on harmony and domesticity, grandiose compositions and intimate interiors. Awards and recognition are there to prove it, with internationally acclaimed landmarks standing the test of time, and shaping the cityscapes of Europe, the Middle East, North America, East Asia.

As a nomad, a definition that is dear to him, Ricardo Bofill kept wandering from culture to culture to satisfy his longing for spaces and knowledge, with the unique capacity and desire to decipher the spirit of each place through his own Mediterranean lens.

Happy birthday, Ricardo Bofill.